Reunions and the not so new Questions πŸ’¦

Reunions, be it either family or friends are a package of laughter, food, and a free trip to our embarrassing moments. There are some pretty common questions, that we have to answer at every reunion. Things, don’t settle with just answering those questions, people enjoy reminiscing their pasts, which can be sweet sometimes, but for the most part it is embarrassing. It is similar to scrolling back to read your facebook posts from your teenage.

At family reunions, the most famous, common and boring questions are the following:

  1. What are you studying?
  2. How are your grades?
  3. Where are you working?
  4. How much do you earn?
  5. When are you getting married?
  6. (If you are married) when are you going to have kids?

And the cycle continues again. The first question can be considered as being courteous, but why the second one. And for the second question, it doesn’t end with simply answering the question, we have to undergo being compared to their kids or others. I don’t understand why everyone does this, if they are doing this hoping that it would serve as a motivation to the other kids, then trust me you are going at it the wrong way.

Never compare kids with each other, rather than motivating them it only discourages them, moreover it might draft a distance between kids which is not good, it will also serve as an attack against their self-esteem. I am pretty sure, you didn’t intend or think of it as such, but be careful about how you treat your kids.

And now, the most irritating and frustrating question for every unemployed graduate out there. I am pretty sure, everyone wants to work but not everyone gets the opportunity, given so many factors. There are millions of graduates with only a few employment opportunities, and not everyone gets to do the job they want. Anything that provides self-satisfaction and earns the survival is a potential job(other than those that are illegal), so don’t look down on any work. Most importantly, if we are working then we will let you know before you even ask, so please spare us the humiliation.

Now the fourth question, I am sure you don’t think of it much but did you know it is no less than a privacy invasion to ask someone about their salary. There is a good amount of chance that people don’t mind answering this question but there are a few who don’t get paid as much as they work. They might be having unexplainable financial struggle or any other situation. It is rude to ask someone about their income when you don’t even know their circumstances.

Before we even start getting a grip of our career, we are shot at with this fifth question. Marriage is not a small festival that, we can go back to living our usual life after celebrating it for a couple od days. A lot of things change, and the changes only add. Of-course they add happiness, strength, love, support but they also add responsibilities. Moral responsibilities, financial responsibilities, adjustments and lot more. Those people who marry without preparing for this have to face shock’s, instead of surprise’s. So stop pressuring people into marriages, I am sure they’ll invite you if they are marrying anytime soon, so sit back and wait.

And now comes the ultimate question, “when are you going to have children?”, like I seriously want to ask the other person “what is it to you?”. It is not like they are going to help in bringing up the child, so why? Let the couple in question decide about their lives, by themselves. And like I keep saying, they will invite you to celebrate if they have a child.

Friends are no different from the family, they also ask the same questions, but they have different approaches and reasons. The first question is probably to collect information are to help decide on their own education. The second question, is not so common but in most cases they just use this information to playfully tease each other. The third question is a concern to the entire student race so most of the time they refrain from asking this question, but if there are only a few who are unemployed at the gathering, asking this question can serve as a humiliation. SO it is better to keep these conversations to minimum, when you are at reunions.

The fourth question, is no different from family, most of the time friends don’t ask this question but if you are asking this question, then I would like to let you know that you are being rude. The fifth question, is mostly asked in-contexts asking for parties or in a different way like “Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend”, and after the question we are teased irrespective of our answer.

The sixth question is also not common, but when it comes to friends these questions even though are irritating, the aftereffects are addictive. I mean, even when I am writing this, I end up asking my friends if they are getting married next year πŸ˜….

PS: Let’s try to become innovative in 2019, with questions different from the above questions 🀭

When me and my bestie couldn’t live with normal πŸ˜Ž

Sana and Varna were everything but normal. Do you guys remember how I became friends with Varna(“My journey with my BFF”). Well, our intermediate life was totally chaotic and adventurous. Like I mentioned before, the main focus of Intermediate was to prepare ourselves to ace the college entrance examinations. So the schedule for the two years was already set, and it had nothing but studying for these two years.

We had classes from Monday to Friday starting at 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM, and then we would have objective classes from 4:30 PM to 8:00 PM before going back to home. We would have objective exams on every saturday and descriptive exams at-least twice a month. Other than these we had labs scheduled once a week. After the first couple of months into the semester, everything seemed to repeat itself and the life started to ooze out the smell of boredom for both me and Varna.

We sat in the second bench but we were not the students who would prefer to study all the time. I believed that even education is only a means of learning on ‘how to live happily’. I agree that education is the brightest way to have a successful life, but I wouldn’t agree that dedicating all of my time only to books is the only way to succeed in life. Varna had similar thoughts to mine and one day during our lunch break,

Me: Don’t we even have a Fresher’s party (A event/festival to welcome new students) ? πŸ˜’

Manasa: Why do you want to have activities, that would distract you? Focus on your studies, we have lesser time than you imagine. πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ“

Udvi: Don’t be so stiff Manasa, but Sana you know that no one organizes events during intermediate right, I don’t think anyone in our city celebrates events during these two years.

Varna: So are we really supposed to live these two years only staring at books? 🀒

Me: God! even that thought is suffocating me, shouldn’t we like have at-least one event?

Hansika: You sure can complain with such good grades, but if we even talk about it ……..both our faculty and parents would flip out.

Varna: Don’t worry, we will do all the talking, we can’t go on living like this….. why don’t we talk to vice-principal, he will be taking our next class right.

Me: Wait, let’s think about what to talk and how to convince him….. why don’t we meet him after our evening classes?

Varna: Don’t worry …… I already have an excellent IDEA….you just follow my lead. πŸ€­πŸ€—πŸ‘Œ

Me: Are you sure? πŸ€”

Before I could hear her answer our Vice-principal walked in. He is a short man (probably 162-164 cm) with his pot belly sticking out a little. He is known as a strict lecturer, who concentrated on our objective classes a lot. He always told us how important these two years are to get an admission in a good college.

We all stood up to wish him ‘Good afternoon’, and when everyone sat down after the greeting, there was one girl who was still standing. I had a really strange feeling, about what she was going to say,

Me: sit down….!!!

I wispher’d to varna and tried to pull her down with my hand but she easily got out of my hold and,

Varna: SIR !

She called out to him, in the loudest of her voice, everyone noticed that he flustered a little at her sudden scream, and then he turned from the blackboard towards us and with a stern expression,

ViceP(Vice-Principal): You better have a good reason, for disturbing the class.

Varna: Of-course I do sir, Sana want’s to talk to you about something really important πŸ˜‰

And, now he is staring me, I stood up while keeping my eyes on Varna who looked like she’s having a blast. And then, when my lecturer called out my name, my focus shifted from Varna who just winked at me to the lecturer.

ViceP: So Sana, what did you want to talk about?

Me: Sir, I was wondering if the management is planning any welcome to us?

ViceP: Why do you need a welcome when you are almost at the Quarterly exams?

Me: But, we should have some events, to release the stress we’ve been building up, also we should have something to remember in future when we look back to these days, sir. If we keep on living like this, we will remember these two years like a single day, we are literally doing the same thing every day.

ViceP: Talk to me after your evening classes, let’s continue our classes for now.

He continued the class after that, and I almost crushed Varna’s hand under the desk after the class. That evening, when we went to meet him, he said we will talk about it later, if we can keep our grades without dropping until after Half-yearly exams. Even though, I wasn’t a topper, I had decent grades and I managed to maintain them without failing until half-yearly exams and then I went to find him again about the events.

Me: Sir, do you remember your promise about the events? I kept my end of the deal and now it’s your turn.

ViceP: Are you still going on about it? Anyways, I didn’t promise you anything, I only said we will talk about it.

Me: Sir, that’s so cheap 😀, since we did a good job, you should also give us a good example.(Yes, I really said this, over the past 4 months we got to know him better, even though he’s strict with our education he is a kind-hearted person)

ViceP: Ok…..Ok……..Let me think, what I can do………………….(after a few seconds pause)hm…….. I will arrange a meeting with the Principal, and other incharges, if you can convince them then good but if you can’t forget about everything and focus only on studies.

Me: Done deal πŸ‘πŸ‘

Well, all I needed was an opportunity and during the meeting, the Principal agreed to have an annual-day event but there was a condition, he asked me to collect signatures from students who wanted to attend the event, and also that students have to pay for the Venue. If I succeeded in getting 80% signatures and the money for the venue, then he said he would allow for the event to happen.

The actual work started from now, I had to go from class to class to announce about the event and collect Rs.100 and a signature from every student who wanted to attend the event. But after a whole week of collections, I noticed that we only had 50% signatures and we only had 3 more days, before the final meeting, with the principal. I asked our resources manager, for a list of contacts of all the students and then I started calling to every student who didn’t sign the papers and started convincing them. I had to even convince their parents, that these activities are not going to hinder their studies in any way, instead they are going to help relieve the stress.

Finally on the day of meeting, I was successful in collecting the signatures, and finally got the approval from the Principal, after this I managed to form a team with few of my friends, and we started working on things, like renting the venue, arranging decorations, food and also the electrical equipment for the day. Varna helped me with the getting the practice halls and arranging music, she almost assisted me in everything. We had to convince people even to participate in the performances.

When I was busy, I received a call saying that the decor’s team had to move their schedule up one day and so they are on their way to the venue. I was in the middle of doing paperwork for the whole budget and also participants, so I asked a friend of mine to go and attend to them.

But she came back in the next five minutes, and told me that she crashed into someone. I had to send Varna to the venue and Srujan helped me to deal with the aftermath of her accident. Finally on the actual day of the event, not everything was perfect, since it was my first time organizing something big like this, I had to deal with a lot of emergencies, and there are always those who are late for their performances and such. But I had the most fun on that day, and all the effort from the past couple of weeks was so worth it.

After the event, my voice was hoarse, and my physical state was a mess, it took me a few days to get my voice back but the fact that we started something that no-one dared to do felt so satisfying.

PS: Trust me having fun for one day is not going to spoil your one year’s worth of efforts but it will definitely wash away some of your stress. πŸ™‚

The Best Days of my LIFE βœ¨

During my bachelors, every college was supposed to form a team of 20-30(there is no particular number) members, with at-least one person from every class(including freshmen, sophomores and also 3rd and 4th yr seniors), and volunteer in any backward village across the state(/country) to do social work. The government would pay for the expenses and in my third year, I volunteered to be a part of that team.

We didn’t go far, there was a village with no proper facilities right across our college. They had no proper education system, nor proper electricity or any other facilities. They weren’t living too far from the city but they were living on the outskirts, and hence they didn’t receive proper attention from the government. The only Primary School available in the area had barely any furniture or faculty.

The first day of our week, we were introduced to a couple of teachers who were apparently the only faculty present at the school, and they introduced us to the students. There were approximately a 100-150 students from different classes. On our first day, we had to help clean the school and teach in a few classes. I taught the first and the second grade kids. I was surprised at how creative and expressive the kids were. A lot of them used drawings to interpret their feelings, and they really had a talent that is so rare to find otherwise. They’ve built different dolls, structures and a lot of figurines with clay.

I felt overwhelmed at how talented they are and sad because of how less resources they have. They taught me a lesson that day,

“Your Circumstances don’t really matter, when you have the passion to learn”

I also learned to appreciate what I already had instead of being greedy over what I don’t. From the following day, we had activities on every morning like planting trees across the village, or talking to villagers about the importance of education, arranging a blood donation camp, arranging a medical camp for two days. In the afternoon, we taught in the school and then played a lot of games with the Kids.

This one week is the best week of my life till day. This one week taught me about appreciation, how people struggle to earn one meal in a day and how tough it is to survive in the real world. After the social work, I couldn’t stop thinking about the kids but I wasn’t capable of doing anything much other than submitting a request to an NGO.

Next monday, during our afternoon lecture, one of our classmates sitting close to the entrance of the classroom, started murmuring and in the next couple of minutes people were looking for me. I turned my head right towards my classmate and started whispering

Me: what’s going on?

Classmate: Someone is looking for you?

Me: Who? I don’t see anyone at the door.

And then my classmate, asked his deskmate to lean backwards. I was surprised to see a couple of kids standing over there. I recognized them right away, they were from the school we attended the previous week for social work. They started jumping as soon as they saw me. I signalled them to stay silent, and I tried sneak out of the classroom along with my friend while the lecturer was turning his back towards us. And when I was almost at the door,

Classmate: Sir, Sana is sneaking out.

Me: Are you crazy ? 😳🀬

Classmate: Hehe 😝

Professor: Sana and Diya, where are you going?

Over the next few minutes, I explained to my professor about the kids and he permitted us to take the kids back. So I went out of the classroom and took the kids downstairs hoping to bring them back to their school. But I had to go back up again to my classroom in the next 5 minutes,

Me: Excuse me, Sir!

Professor: Why did you come back so fast? Did you drop them off already?

Me: No sir.

Professor: Then why are you back?πŸ€”

Me: I would need some more of my classmates to go down with me.

Professor: How many and Why?

Me: At-least five more. There are 12 kids waiting downstairs. πŸ˜…

My professor’s jaw dropped. It felt great to have Kids love us so much but, the thought of them coming alone all the way till here was scary. We dropped them off back at school and made sure to check that no one is missing before going back to the college. After that I visited them once in a while but I don’t know how they are living now.

I wish they are living happily, eating healthy food and learning beautiful things while smiling everyday. πŸ’•

My Strange admirer πŸ‘©

If you guys remember my previous post ” Side-effects of being famous “, I mentioned what made me famous. I would like to repeat again, that I am not a super talented individual, I am just a person who loves to perform on stage. I love dance, and also I am good with words which lead me to host a lot of events. I don’t think this is common, but people in my bachelor’s college paid a lot of attention towards anyone who participated in any kind of events. This was enough of a reason for me to become famous, on top of which I was the most active girl among the 5000 students, studying in different departments in our college.

So I received a lot of attention and criticism (a little more than others) along the way. There were a lot of rumors circulating around about me and even the way people stared at me and murmere’d was a lot of disturbance. But, I didn’t only receive criticism and negative energy all the time, I received a lot of love from people around me and even strangers. There were a lot of times, when stranger’s approached me saying so many kind things(like they enjoyed the event/they liked my performance). Everytime something like that happened, it filled my heart with gratitude and happiness.

There were a lot of instances, when I met people with weird ways of expressing their opinion. I can never forget recognising my first strange admirer. One day, when we were wrapping up a meeting, regarding the planning of the upcoming college festival, a junior of mine approached me to introduce someone,

Ambika: Hi Sana, are you free after this ?

Me: I have a meeting with one of our professors in 2 hours, I am free until then. What’s up?

Ambika: Do you remember me telling you about a friend of mine who wanted to volunteer for the back-stage work?

Me: Oh yeah, I do. You can talk to Prema, she is handling the stage decoration this time and she might need some help.

Ambika: I will do that, but before that If you don’t mind can I introduce her to you, she wanted to meet you once.

Me: Sure!

She made a call, and we were organizing all the ideas from the meeting while waiting for her friend. I was wondering, if she wanted to work on a different section, since she asked to meet me in person. So I decided to talk to Prema if we have enough volunteers to work on all the tasks, if not where do we need people and how many, and while I was talking to her,

Ambika: Excuse me! Sana, this is Sapna.

Me: Hi! Nice to meet you.

Sapna: Hello, really glad to meet you. 🀩

I could sense her excitement and honestly it is not a bad feeling to have someone feel happy from meeting me. πŸ˜…

Me: So Sapna, is it okay with you to work on stage-decor or do you have a particular section, you want to work on?

Sapna: No, I am okay with it but this is my first time doing this, I am not sure if I can be of any help.

Me: Don’t worry, you will have fun and it will be a nice experience and meet Prema, she will guide you along.

Prema: Hello, I am Prema.

Sapna: Nice to meet you.

We went on working with the event preparation, and whenever I worked with the stage-decor team, I could sense her watching me all the time. And her stares make it obvious that she wanted to ask me something, but she didn’t ask me anything until after the event. We had a successful festival and all of the event management team decided to have lunch to celebrate our success. At the lunch, she approached me

Sapna: Congrats, the festival was really lively.

Me: Thanks, and congrats to you too, so how did you like working on this team?

Sapna: It was really fun, we worked for more than a week for a 2-day festival, but it felt amazing on the actual day.

Me: True, and the stage turned out perfect for all of the performances, thanks for your help. πŸ™‚

Sana: No, I am happy to help. Can I show you something?

Me: yeah, sure! πŸ€”

I was wondering, what it could be when she was rustling through her bag and finally took out a candy. I started smiling, thinking that she was going to give that to me.

Me: Hey, it’s okay I am your senior so I can’t let you treat me. 🀣

Sapna: No, it’s not that, do you remember this candy?

Me: Yes I do, I have been eating them for a while and you can find them in any general store(I said that with a confused expression). πŸ˜…πŸ€£

Sapna: No, remember on our interaction day?

That is when I remembered, second year students have a day for interaction(hazing/interaction-day) with the first years after a couple of months into the semester. A professor accompanies us so that the sophomores do not behave extremely, and I remember giving out candies to those who introduced themselves in order to break their nervousness. As soon as I remembered this, I had goosebumps all over. 🀯

Me: Don’t tell me this candy is from back then!!! 😯

Sapna: Yes, it is.

Me: Are you kidding me, it has been more than a year and you’ve been carrying that around with you? πŸ€”πŸ˜…

Sapna: You are my role model, and so this is very precious to me.

Me: No Sapna, that is just a candy and you are supposed to eat them not store them. Throw that away and I will give you another one some other time. πŸ˜…

Sapna: No! I don’t want to.

Me: Haha….. listen to me, I am really grateful to you that you like me, but saving that candy won’t make a difference, it will only creep me out. 🀭

Sapna: Common!

Me: Haha….. I am just kidding. Still, isn’t it enough that I already know that you like me. I appreciate you admiring me and trust me that rotten candy has nothing to do with it and I would’ve been happy if you had just eaten it rather than saving it like this and losing it.

Sapna: True, I also have something else to ask you?

Me: what is it? Is it another candy? πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‚

Sapna: Haha….. No. I always wondered how you are so brave, you are just so different from everyone else.

Me: No, not really……even I have stage fright, when I walk to the center of the stage my legs tremble, but the moment I hold the mic, everything is gone. Because when I am talking on stage I can only hear my voice, it makes all the other voices, even the voices in my head disappear. As long as I am standing on that stage, I am the Queen. πŸ‘Έ

Sapna: Wah….. I would like to try standing on that stage.

Me: Make sure to do that in our next event, bye.

Sapna: Bye.

From that day, she stayed in contact with me till today but she didn’t perform when I was still in the bachelors. It is nice and overwhelming when strangers like us, it feels amazing to hear someone calling me their role-model when in actual fact I didn’t do anything much to be called like that.

I did give her a candy again after that day, but don’t worry she ate it this time πŸ˜‹

Big City and it’s Standards πŸ™Œ

I am not trying to deny the difference between a small city and a big city, but I believe, ‘that difference is not a bad one’. Just imagine everyone in the world living with the same standard and following the same rules and wearing the same clothes while doing the same things everyday. I would get tired of this kind of life in a week. So, it is good to have these differences.

Few months back when I got my second official job, I moved to a big city to start my new life. My office was 20 minutes (commute) away from my apartment. After maybe a month or two, one day fire alarm went off in our building, and all of us rushed out of the building. Our building also had an architect’s office along with ours. We all gathered outside, but there was no smoke nor any sign of fire visible to us.

Few of them decided to go back in, but I stayed back talking to few of my colleagues. We were all talking about various kind of foods, when people from the other office joined our conversation. Building security staff came out to inform us that it was a false alarm, and when we were about to go back in,

Architect: Hai Honey, you look pretty.

An elderly woman talked to me and it felt nice to receive a compliment, so

Me: Oh thank you, you look amazing yourself. πŸ€—

Honestly, she was dressed pretty nicely.

Architect: I have noticed you a couple of times, you dress very well. Where are you from?

Me: Oh, thank you! I am not from here, I came from xyz(a small city).

Architect: Oh really, you dress pretty well for someone from a small city.

I knew she only meant to compliment me, but I didn’t like her basis for judging me like that, but I decided to let it go since I know she didn’t mean to criticize me. But, she went on asking questions like, “Do you follow any fashion magazines?” and also she used many terms related to fashion(I hardly recognize half of them) during the conversation. She, went on to add how, people would get bullied/humiliated when they are not dressed fashionably in that city.

I didn’t know, how many of her statements were true, but without realizing I said,

Me: Well, I don’t even know half the terms you’ve mentioned and also I don’t follow any fashion magazines…….. maybe I dress nice because I don’t think of any of these big city standards that you’ve mentioned, while choosing my dress.

Architect: Sorry, honey! I didn’t mean to offend you. 😯

I could see that, she was flustered, I collected myself in the next few seconds and continued to say

Me: I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you 😌, I only dress in my favorite colors and in clothes that are comfortable to me, I like to shop and when I do I choose clothes that attract my attention and that can make me feel better(when I wear them). So probably even when I don’t know about any of these standards, maybe I dress prettily because I am happy. There is a saying from my hometown ” IT IS NOT THE CLOTHES THAT MAKE YOU BEAUTIFUL, IT IS YOU THAT TURNS THOSE CLOTHES BEAUTIFUL “. So, as long as you are happy and comfortable with what you are wearing there should be no problem.

Architect: I totally agree, it is really nice meeting you. You are such a good hearted child. Let us meet again for lunch. πŸ˜„

Me: Sure, it’s nice meeting you too. πŸ™‚

I thought, she would never talk to me again, but she invited me for lunch on the next weekend, and we became very good friends. But, after that I had such deep thoughts about the standards in our society. There is a standard for looks, there is a standard for education, there is a standard for livelihood, there is a standard for fashion, there is a standard for speech, and there is a standard for almost everything.

In 1800’s they had different standards and these standards changed and again they had different standards in 1990’s and they had different standards in 2000 and they have different standards even now. I am pretty sure these standards will continue to change even in the future, isn’t it hard to always run behind these standards that are defined by someone else. We only have a few years to live and if we have to live according to someone else even in those years, then how are you going to satisfy yourself.

I have decided way before that I will only live according to my own standards, because I don’t have enough time and energy to satisfy everyone in the society along with myself. So my standards are:

  • Never leave any regrets.
  • Never do something, that you are not proud of.
  • Don’t hurt others/ make them uncomfortable.
  • Eat whatever you like.
  • Have a plenty of sleep.
  • Dress in whatever that makes you happy.

Like this the list goes on, and I keep adding things whenever I find something new, but overall my main rule of life is ” Do only those things that can make you happy, and always learn from your experiences “.

PS: Set your own standards, live your own life and be your own Star πŸ’ƒ

How does a Kid LIE πŸ™Š

There are different ranges when it comes to lying. When it is an adult lying, it can result in a drastic loss of trust. Some people believe in white lies and some don’t, but when it comes to adults different people have different definition’s and boundaries for white lies. Also, it is scary to derive the intentions, behind an adult’s lie.

It is different when it comes to kids, there might be situations where their lies lead to a lot of misunderstanding’s and thus result in damage. But, we can be sure that they don’t carry any ill intentions.Even the way a kid lies is different from an adult. And the only audience who would believe in a kid(when he/she is lying) is another kid.

My friend’s always tell me, how horrible of a liar I am. Even when we plan any surprise events for a friend, either they keep me away from that person or they only share limited information with me πŸ˜…. But I guess I was a good liar, when I was a kid. I have an interesting story from my fourth grade.

Our morning classes started at 9:00 Am and we had a lunch break of one hour from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM and the school ended at 4:00 PM after the afternoon classes. That day also we attended our morning classes as per the schedule and during our lunch break, students would spread out to different places to have food. Our school had a large front yard and a huge ground on the back and it had stages on both the sides. The dinning rooms were, a little into the basement. But most of our classmates sat together either on the stage behind the school or the ground in the back to have food.

I was a day Scholar, and when we sat down to have lunch, I realized my Mom packed my least favorite things that day, but my friend brought one of my favorite foods. That afternoon, we were all talking about one of the famous anime Pokemon and my friend said,

Sarvani: I hope Pokemon are real.

Rani: It is not possible, they can’t come out of TV, they are not real.

Mano: No, my brother said they are real.

I used to watch Pokemon every single day back then. I was also just a kid back then and I wasn’t sure if the Pokemon were real or not, because even though my parents said they weren’t I didn’t want to believe in them, I wanted Pokemon and all other anime to be real, so that I also can be a superhero(when I was a kid I really wanted superpowers). But my concentration was entirely on Sarvani’s lunch box and that dosa(South Indian food) turned my creativity on.

Me: NO pokemon are real, I also have one. It is just that normal people who don’t have pokemon can’t see them. πŸ€₯

Sarvani: Really? 😍

Rani: Stop lying, she is just lying.

Me: No I am not!

Mano: She is saying truth, I also can see Pokemon.

By this time my friend Sarvani totally believed me πŸ˜…, even though my other friend Rani didn’t buy it, and Mano was just one of those kids who would always say “I also” (His innocence helped me though). And I suddenly pretended to have electrocuted.

Sarvani: What happened?

Me: Nothing, it’s just that my Pikachu is hungry, so

Mano: ya true, it does that

He just went on adding to my lines and things were pretty easy later on.

Sarvani: What does he eat?

Me: His favorite is Dosa and he will get the food through me, I have to eat for him to receive it.

I don’t even remember, what all I said, but she gave me some of her dosa, and I ate it and pretended as if my pokemon is happy. I didn’t even feel guilty back then, even though I felt a little bad, having dosa made me happy. But Sarvani kept on asking about the pokemon over the next few days and I had to tell her truth that next week. She was angry with me for a while and I had to try really hard to please her(I thought….. so many candies just for a dosa). But, after this incident I decided to never lie again, because it needs a lot of effort and I am a lazy person to put in so much effort, acting and resources into deceiving someone.

PS: So lesson for the day is, “Honesty is the best policy” πŸ€—

When a Sweet moment turns into a Scary one πŸ€―

Bedtime stories were my favorites when I was a Kid and I didn’t let go of the habit of listening to some stories before bed even after growing up. My parent’s childhood stories were mine and my brother’s favorites. Those stories always bring a smile on my face and no-matter how many times I hear them, they always feel new. In my sixth grade, one night, I was pestering my Dad to tell us a story before sleeping. He said,

Dad: You already heard about all of them for a million times already, why don’t we just sleep today ?

Me: No, I don’t feel sleepy and I can’t sleep if you don’t tell me one. πŸ˜‘

I started whining and my younger brother also joined me. My Mom, got annoyed with all the whining and asked him to just tell us a story. So,

Dad: Sana, do you want me to tell a story about you?

Me: hm……. Okay!

Dad: I guess you were five…. no…no…you were four back then and by the time I reached home, I saw you running and tripping all by yourself.

Sameer: What was I doing❓

Dad: You were probably with your Mom.

Me: Sameer, don’t interrupt him.. 😀 .. So, Dad what was I running after?

Dad: You were after a Hen and it’s chicks and according to Mom, you were running after them for 20 minutes already. I thought you were cute and decided to help you catch them. So, I also ended up running after them and I caught the hen in the next 5 minutes. πŸ¦ƒ

Me: Haha…. If I was four, then probably I couldn’t even hold it and let it escape again.

Dad: It would have been better if that was the case, but you didn’t want the hen and you wanted a chick 🐀, so I had to run again while you were jumping and clapping.

Sameer: See…… you were picky even back then.

Me: Sameer, stop! 🀺 Dad, next.

Dad: So I caught it and handed it to you sweating all over and gasping heavily. You were very happy and you held it so preciously, but the problem was you didn’t know the difference between a plush toy and a living animal.

For some reason, I had a very bad feeling about the rest of the story.

Dad: You wanted to love it, in the same way as your teddy, so you started holding it too tight and in a couple of seconds you started strangling it and the chick is no-more.

My expression turned gloomy, but my brother just got himself a wonderful chance to tease me.

Sameer: I keep telling you guys, she is cruel. See, she even killed an innocent baby chick. 🀣

Mom: Both of you, stop teasing her. Don’t worry, you didn’t kill it. As soon as you started strangling it, your Dad rushed to slap your hands, and when he did you’ve let-go the chick and started crying. He had to take you out to buy ice-cream to calm you down and between all these chaos, you totally forgot about the chick. 😌

I sighed a sigh of relief and started punching my Dad. He went on laughing for awhile and our bed turned into a ‘small fighting ring’ with me, Dad and my brother. We were having fun, until Mom yelled at us to go back to sleep. My Dad wrapped us in blankets while giggling and kissed us Goodnight.

Even though I was a Kid when this happened, when I think about this story today it reminds me of how people are often strangled with excessive love in relationships. Love, hate, happiness, sadness, jealousy, ego, possessivity, any of these emotions are not healthy when they are excessive.

PS: Love should never be forced no-matter what. πŸ™‚